Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Barry Thompson

There is an attempt to embrace the ‘Romantic’ in the work of Barry Thompson both historically and personally. Whilst occasionally referencing Romantic painting from the past, ideals and fantasies are being retraced from his own past, particularly from childhood and adolescence where such ideals were created.
The paintings and drawings act as visual triggers for these ideals and fantasies. They are expressions of an age, representing places that at once recall moments of innocence and joy as well as the emancipation one felt as a child, for example, escaping the urban environment for a more natural one away from adult domination, or as an adolescent listening to music in the bedroom. They were seeds for the planting of ‘little utopias’ here and there.
These places are held dear, but there is a fundamental flaw present. ‘Ideals’ by there very nature fail. There is therefore a lamentation as well as a celebration. They are also a meditation on time. Because of this, it is not so difficult to find a linkage with Romantic art of both past and present.


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