Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gordon Cheung

'War of Reason', Collage, acrylic gel, spray, gloss & oil on canvas, 2005
Adapted to a matrix of technologies our bodies are electronically merged into a virtual landscape. Cheung is interested in an increasingly technologised era that has reconfigured our perceptions of time, space and position into a state of constant flux. For example the communications and digital revolution have collapsed notions of time and distance into the instantaneous and therefore our perceptions of contemporary landscape.
The stock listings of the Financial Times newsprint is used as a direct metaphor for the electronic data saturated era in which we exist. It is chosen for its density of information, global reach and because in a sense it is a dream-world where investors chase after promises of fortune that affect all our lives. It is a virtual space affecting us in the actual, digitally flowing through us raising and lowering the death rate as it moves. It is clear that few are able to find ‘real’ fortune and for many the ‘promises’ of attaining returns from the stock market are merely mirages.
The ‘paintings’ can be understood as hyper-paint-by-numbers depicting virtual landscapes oscillating between utopia and dystopia. Essentially they reflect a techno-sublime landscape where information overwhelms the individual causing a flickering perception of realities blurring between the virtual and actual.


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