Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Paul Hodgson

'Stoke the Fire', Pigment Print on Paper, 2005

Hodgson’s works make reference to art historical sources; both as a response to specific works from the Renaissance, Neo Classical and Modernist periods, and as a more generalised analytical view of visual language. Recent work makes a connection between the artist’s own studio space, and the photographic studios of the late 1800’s, in which ‘types’ of people and environments were reconstructed and recorded by the camera. These depictions helped to create pervading societal stereotypes. Conversely, Hodgson’s images hold surface appearances under suspicion. Depictions of physical tasks and simple human relations - stripped of poetic or Arcadian innocence - become hollow and without purpose. Having lost their original associations, they are easily filled with the ghosts of our more recent histories.


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