Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Richard Meaghan

'Walk the Plank', Acrylic & Glitter on Canvas, 2005

William Blake’s poem ‘Jerusalem’ is for Richard Meaghan, the search for a spiritual home, the environment he feels most comfortable in and the relationships he wishes to surround himself with. To Meaghan the Landscape is important and he has a romantic ideal about it, walking in the hills and being close to water creates a feeling of harmony yet there is a need to remain in a city with all its cultural diversity and opportunities. These contrasting emotions have for some time created great conflict within so his search goes on. Whereas whom he chooses to build that future with is more certain, if that can ever be the case. The paintings exhibited are an amalgamation of a number of differing experiences that symbolise the building of that future for his family and himself.

Meaghan’s paintings try to represent a conflict of issues and the uncertainty that he found in “Jerusalem” and the never-ending search for the sublime.


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